076 - Sneak peak of 'Vermouth'

As it'll come out really really soon I want to share, at last, a little project that, actually, makes me very happy. Last summer my friend Marta (Què Cuino Avui. La Marta entre Fogons) and I decided to work on something together, we weren't sure what we wanted to do at first but in the end we decided that she would cook something basic and I would record the process.  

01-Fent Pa

The pictures will appear in a very special publication: Vermouth, the 2nd issue of Publications for Pleasure, a small and independent publishing house with whom I've been quite in love ever since I've discovered their first amazing magazine, Atlas. You can, then, imagine how honored and thrilled I am that they decided to use a few of my photos.

Check out their first dummy and be sure to purchase one when it comes out (I'll be sure to tell you when as I'll be gushing all over my copy)!

Vermouth issue 2 - Coming soon from Publications for Pleasure on Vimeo.

Meanwhile you can try one of their prints, they are amazing, quiet, colorful and, equally important, quite affordable. And it'll help them quite a lot. 

Good things on a monday 

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  1. congratulations!
    Vermouth looks beautiful and inspiring, such an wonderful and innovative way of publishing! :-)

    1. they are great, and I'm sure it them a lot of work! but it shows that they love it XD

  2. Respuestas
    1. yes, please do, they are a wonderful designers and the magazine is amazing <3