074 - Portraits I


I'm cleaning up (my flickr, my blog, etc.), I'll keep at it for while, I guess, same as I'm doing with the rest of my everyday things. Spring cleaning for a big chance. 

Also, I have to return my Olympus, my uncle wants it back, so I'm window shopping for another second hand film camera... and there's so many! Any recomendations?

February 2013
Olympus OM10 + Kodak Portra 400

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  1. too bad you have to return your Olympus! I do hope you'll find something else to shoot with soon! :-)
    if you like 35mm, all the Nikon FM's are great and straight forward!

    1. Yeah :( *but* it gaves me the oportunity to buy another one! a Nikon FM? I'll see what I can find!