048 - Barcelona V



Two sides: huge trees in a park and the never ending works. 

Zenit B with Ferrania Solaris 100
Olympus OM10 with Lomo800


047 - Barcelona IV



A room with a view. 

When I started taking photos with my Zenit B I've discovered that my uncle was actually quite an enthusiast of analogue. I've been asking him lots of questions until finally, I've decided to ask him for one of his cameras, an Olympus OM10. I'm in love with it. I mean, the Zenit has a certain magic *something*, but this Olympus is soooo easy to use (hello photometer!) and it kind of gets what I want, or maybe is that I get how to better use it. 

Do you have cameras with personalities too? XD

PS: Btw, if I have you in flickr... I'm so sorry for the photo dump, my internet acces has been spotty to say the least and I went a bit nuts. 


046 - Barcelona III




A closed water irrigation system in a park and water lilys. Taken while in a picnic with friends, and were a japanese tourist and me went a bit nuts trying to catch the colors and hues of the greens and greys of the water. 

Enjoy your weekend!


045 - A wedding (of sorts)

Boda Veva i Rol

Boda Veva i Rol 07

Boda Veva i Rol 11

Boda Veva i Rol 13

Boda Veva i Rol 17

Boda Veva i Rol 19

Boda Veva i Rol 20

This past september I attended two different weddings, one was, probably, one of the poshiest affairs I've ever been, the other, the hippiest. These pictures are from the second one in which we partied in the middle of the country in my best friend's Masia, one of my favorite places in the world. 


044 - Banyoles IV




Lake light in august.

I tend to burn my pictures, but, you know, it's alright, my zenit doesn't have a photometer and everything I learn about light I do it the hard way: by failing.

I've been on a mini-holiday and I'm a bit behind in net things but I'll catch up pretty soon!


043 - Banyoles III






The only thing standing from 'La Puda' are the walls; the ceilings have gone as well as the floors, and plants and trees have invaded everything. It makes me sad and happy at the same time, sad because it must have been a gorgeous spa, happy because nature is capable of reclaiming what was hers. 


042 - Banyoles II





One of the things that the volcanic ground of Banyoles has is a few warm springs, so years and years ago, there was a health spa called "la Puda". The water from the fountain is kind of whitish and smells like rotten eggs due the suplhur levels. It's abandoned now and taken over by plants and trees. 

It's a very interesting experience walking around the grounds; there's a road in front of the main entrance but it's not all that used so sometimes it felt quite strange the loneliness of the place. Also, I got bitten by what it seemed a whole population of mosquitos (like always, I'm a friggin magnet). 

041 - Banyoles I


My parents live in this village less than an hour from France called Banyoles. It's a strange place, geographically spaking, because everything is sort of volcanic... in a country were there's no geothermic activity at all. 

This lake is sort of the center of everything since always but, aparently, now it's way smaller than it was years ago. There's an awesome draining system that goes all through the village though, with tons of old canals (with old sinks to wash clothes) and irrigation ditches that I've followed sometimes, even if it gets sort of complicated to pass through there. 

It's also one of the favorite places for a lot of rowing teams to practice.