047 - Barcelona IV



A room with a view. 

When I started taking photos with my Zenit B I've discovered that my uncle was actually quite an enthusiast of analogue. I've been asking him lots of questions until finally, I've decided to ask him for one of his cameras, an Olympus OM10. I'm in love with it. I mean, the Zenit has a certain magic *something*, but this Olympus is soooo easy to use (hello photometer!) and it kind of gets what I want, or maybe is that I get how to better use it. 

Do you have cameras with personalities too? XD

PS: Btw, if I have you in flickr... I'm so sorry for the photo dump, my internet acces has been spotty to say the least and I went a bit nuts. 

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  1. I have also a Zenit B and I haven't manage to shoot an entire roll... I have a minolta which is heaven to use and isn't a brick ... so you get my point! I love the colors of the first pic!

  2. Brick indeed... when I take my Zenit out I always use a tote because is so heavy that I simply can't take it in my usual bag XD
    A minolta! I want to try one! <3

  3. the more look at your photographs, the more I want to visit Barcelona - I should have done it a long time ago! :-)
    I know what you mean by "cameras with personalities": I also have a bunch of various analogue cameras - the Mamiya RB67, the Nikon FM and the Diana Mini are probably my favourite ones - yet whenever I am using my Nikon FM, thanks to her light meter and everything, I am so sure almost every shot will turn out the way I wanted it to be - unlikely with the Mamiya and the Diana Mini, especially, there's a little bit more guessing to do. ;-)

    1. It can be a beautiful place to live, but it can also be quite ugly... but I'm critic with it because I live here.
      Exactly! There are the ones that you know are going to behave as you want them, and others that are... well, temperamental.