063 - New



Today is a strange day, for so many reasons, that I want to remember the joy of new life and seeing a friend's face when he knows he's the one who did it. 


061 - Instagram Iceland I





So, I'm re-editing my instagram pictures of Iceland for a minialbum (maybe some prints); because I feel it's almost silly how at the end of the day my phone or my computer end up storing all my pictures. 


059 - Christmas table












Setting up our table for christmas and getting distracted by food, gin & tonics and wine... and my camera, before even sitting properly. Ever since I quit smoking food has become a bit of an obsession, so I'm afraid it'll appear more often in my pictures from now on...


058 - Booklets

And this is the second part of what was my christmas gift.

It's the first time I design, plan, print and sew a fanzine. And it's been *very* slow going because everything that could go wrong, has gone wrong. A few times. Even so, I *loved* the process. 

I made two different little booklets of 8 pages each, with 120 gr. paper and a cover of soft blue paper of 80 gr. The inside cover is screen printed and I used two different colors for the print (green and blue), one for the fanzine of the pictures from Reykjavík and the other for the countryside. 

I made 20 and 20 of each and while I would have liked photographic print, I had a limited budget, so I did end working with a laser printer. 

By the way, I've have a few left, so if you want a pair send me an email at tanit.taltavull@gmail.com with your adress and I'll be more than happy to send them to you (be advised, though, that most of the text, even if there's not much of it, is in spanish). 


057 - Iceland Posters

So, I'm terrible at making decent photoshots, but we'll try XD...

These are the first batch of posters I made at my screen printing class (about which I've been really nagging everyone I know, sorry), they are not quite as I want them because I was just trying out which colors I wanted to use... and because they are the first I make and they are a bit messy. 

I'll make a second run that, if I can, I'll put on sale, with a more grey-golden-soft blue color palete next time, before erasing the screen, and see what comes of it.  

I pixelated one of my pictures from Iceland (you can see the original here) and I tried (and tried a few times) to have a good screen to print, some of the info has been erased but I managed to have it as similar as I could... I didn't know it could be so difficult but I enjoyed the process a lot. A lot, enough to enroll again this next year. 

* The absolute best thing for me is that it's given me an outlet for a lot of ideas and plans, I hope I can explore them this next year.