038 - Berlin IV



Man made.

I'm awfully unsure about this two pictures of Berlin (the last ones, btw), I must admit. I like the colors and their square-ness (is that even a word?), all straight lines. But the more I look at both, the more I doubt about how they turned out. Well, I promised myself to make a selection and learn from what I'm not satisfied with. 


039 - Barcelona I





Walking around Barcelona in high summer can be a bit of a nightmare. The heat is just terrible and the number of tourists that wander around goes up dramatically. Luckily, El Born is still shady enough (actually, shady in all the possible meanings of the word) that it became my favorite walking refuge (It's a wonder I wasn't mugged what with my aimless walking around).

These days I've been trying out a new camera that my uncle has lent me, it's, at the same time, easier and more difficult to use. I have a few rolls to develop, one from the new camera, we'll see how it fares.


037 - Berlin III





Prenzlauer Berg was my favorite discovery of Berlin (I think it was PY that had the idea to visist it), the kind of place I see myself living in. Quiet, green, old, lush, with rundown buildings that still have some shells or bullet holes, but that look beautifully lived in. I was surprised by the staggering amount of graffittis and tags the city has, they are everywhere. 


036 - Berlin II




Green everywhere, which I completely love in a city actually (and a bycicle.... I love these ducth brands but they are so expensive) 


035 - Berlin I





Berlin is the kind of place that gives you tons of feelings. Sometimes you don't even know which, but, never, never, let's you cold or indifferent. We went there on mid july and while, at home, the weather was just scorching, in Berlin rained all weekend and I felt as if I could finally *breathe*. 

(I posted this fotos in here, but as I want to keep this space moving and changing, I'm sorry if you've seen them before)


034 - Primavera Sound 2012


Before going to Iceland I spent two days (and three nights) at Primavera Sound Festival. It was quite fun and as I love *love* live music I enjoyed myself quite a lot:

I ate one of the best burgers I've tasted in a long time · burned my shoulders because the sun was too strong · had my picture taken for a magazine (aparently I'm fashionable, which is ridiculous beacuse I was dressed for "I don't care if it stains or breaks or whatever") · saw a kind of stage devil (I'm still trying to get my mind around Alexis Krauss) · danced as if it was the end of the world with The Rapture (that was a very joyful moment) · re-affirmed my bordering-on-fannish-feelings for The Walkmen...

And tried out a toy plastic camera, a SuperHeadz Blue Ribbon; very fun to use but has tons of light leaks. This is one of the pictures. I like the results but, for me, this camera needs a very special type of setting, central object with a lot of negative space. At last that's what my instict tells me after seeing the results. But, what do I know XP


033 - Reykjavík XVIII


This is the last of my pictures of Iceland. Sitting in one of the outside stools of the best (and cheapest) noodle place in Reykjavík.

Making a selection is going to be a bit difficult, not because I think they are wonderful but because there's an emotional attachement. I'll keep on working on that.

I've been thinking quite a lot about the future of this little corner now that I shared all my pictures of Iceland. I have another blog, in spanish and where I talk a lot, and I started this one as a way to edit and choose pictures of my trip in June for a little fanzine... and because I still have a lot of things to learn and a lot to try out and experiment. I'm a philologist not a photogapher, I might be a bit obssesed with art and design but it's not a language I'm proficient in.

So I've decided to keep on posting in here, for a lot of reasons (one might have to do a lot with the name of this blog, but it's a bit of an ongoing personal project... and a lot of work and wishing), but mostly as a way to learn.

Please, keep on coming back, and thank you to all those who comment or just simply pass through, it's a pleasure to know you are in there.



032 - Reykjavík XVII




I've been away all weekend, up in the Pyrinees, visiting my brother and his newborn daughter. It makes my head spin to think about it now. It was so special holding her, watching her face move and change as she dreamed. Feeling her trust and tenderness... and bad temper. It's been an amazing pair of days.


031 - Reykjavík XVI





For some reason my body hurts all over, is mostly due to stress, but I feel a bit silly anyway. Add that to those longing feelings that permeate autumn and I wonder what am I doing today at work. 


029 - Reykjavík XIV



I've been wondering about myself and my circunstances a lot lately, I've been wondering about change and the way we live like. About the way I live and how and what I want from it. Winter is very slowly coming in, and not as quickly as I would like, I miss breathing in cold air. 


027 - Reykjavík XII & Snæfellsnes VI




I've have a mixed sense of how most of the pictures I take turn out. I feel I've changed and, at the same time, I feel I still have *so* much to learn.