087 - from the same perspective



This is what happens when you let me up on the observation tower with a camera: I go nuts and the nice people who use all digital look at me weird because they hear the click-and-wirr sound that my analogic makes. I like my corner.


086 - Spring at the lake





I think it was one of the first days it finally felt like spring. At last. And everything was green and lush and growing again. 


085 - Breakfast with a friend




One of the things that I adore is having meals with my friends; not surprisingly, breakfast, brunch, whatever you want to call it, is one of my favorites. Last weekend a friend of mine, and one of the loveliest people I know, came from Girona so we could go to a Block Party + Escort concert at Razzmatazz. We stayed up dancing until 4 or 5 in the morning and we slept wonderfully. Next morning we woke fantastic, no joke, despite the amount of gin & tonics we drank, so we went to brunch-breakfast together. It was sunny and warm, you know those bright days were is almost  mandatory to stay outside? that's how it felt. 

I love those kind of sundays.


084 - with the sun shining everything is turning yellow




These past days I've been waking terrified, with headaches from nerves and nightmares about leaving my work, my flat, etc, which makes me more determined to take that step. I find that when I'm scared the best way to get over it is to make something, so I really want to go to class today and work on my little print, and I'm itching to take my camera out, somewhere, anywhere, with someone to use as a model, I don't know, I want to *make* things...

Luckily this past weekend has been crazy fun, so I've been so tired that not even the usual nightmares are waking me up. Concerts, people, taking pictures, eating and drinking, and sun everywhere!

How's the sun going were you are?