006 - Reykjavík V



People at Laugarvegur, the busiest street in Reykjavik, I'm losing a lot of shame at shooting strangers. And yes, I do have weird notions when it comes to using my camera focus.


001 - Iceland, Ísland, Islandia



I'm fascinated by northern climates and landscapes. Maybe because I'm from the south. Maybe because I love green. Maybe because I'm me.

I've already been in the North Pole circle, years ago, in Finland, but I don't have any of the photos or the videos we took there. I'm not a hoarder, if I haven't used a thing in a few years I give it or trash it. I also lose things and I'm quite bad at keeping a diary. 

That's what this is all about, a record of sorts. An experiment, a desire, a wish. 

I've already been way up north, I've already went to see Mr Klaus (he didn't have any oranges though), that's why I choose the country with ice in it's name this time. Did I learn anything? I'm not sure one travels to learn something, but I came back with, of this I'm sure, new colors in my eyes, new sun hues and a new air permeating my mind. 

Close your eyes and breathe on this eyelash.