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Great Ocean Road (still..)

Between Lorne and Apollo Bay, we decided to stop at every creek, fall and lookout and enjoy the days slowly. If i remember correctly, and I might not, to be honest, I think it was after we had the bird scare. We stopped to buy some wine because Australia day was near and after that we were looking for a free campsite we've heard about, so, in a town at 15 k/h a bird decided to go directly for our car and crashed in our windscreen. I like driving (even if I think I'm pants at it) and I like a lot doing road trips, but, my god, we were shaking and hyper when we finally camped for the night. 

Have you ever had a scare while driving? 



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Coast Life (at this point, names just slipped past us, wait!.. Lorne, it's the jetty of Lorne)

Today the sky in here is just like the sky in this pictures, and I actually love love love days like because despite the headaches they give me, the light is just so lovely! 

Do you have barometric headaches too? I don't think I'm the only one...


SEATED - Bang Bang


Bang Bang

So, this little story has haunted me for years for a few silly reasons, well, haunted in the sense that "nobody lets me really forget it" and it's a pain by now because it's really silly, but, when I met her, I had a bad impression of her and her best friend just because I wanted to see a concert and they wanted to talk (what? it was Fleet Foxes!… alright). Not really compatible. But, that's alright, my mistake, she's so lovely that none can really not like her. She's intelligent and feminine and articulated and so pretty in person that I feel ungainly sometimes when I'm with her.