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Great Ocean Road (still..)

Between Lorne and Apollo Bay, we decided to stop at every creek, fall and lookout and enjoy the days slowly. If i remember correctly, and I might not, to be honest, I think it was after we had the bird scare. We stopped to buy some wine because Australia day was near and after that we were looking for a free campsite we've heard about, so, in a town at 15 k/h a bird decided to go directly for our car and crashed in our windscreen. I like driving (even if I think I'm pants at it) and I like a lot doing road trips, but, my god, we were shaking and hyper when we finally camped for the night. 

Have you ever had a scare while driving? 

9 comentarios:

  1. Once a bird almost hit in our windscreen and the driver almost turned the car to deviate from this bird. I got scared.

    Beautiful photos. Looks like an amazing place.

    1. birds, it's like a Hitchcock curse or something? ;)

      Thank you so much!

  2. I wish the roads I walked on were as beautiful as yours. Breath taking views!

  3. Yes!! I had a little car accident last month, a car crashed me while I was in a traffic jam (I was even off from work!) so now I'm all the time freaking out when someone is not keeping the security distance.

    Beautiful pictures as usual

    1. it's so scary sometimes, driving… it's difficult to not freak out after something like that!

      Thank you!!

  4. amazing landscapes, Nit :)

    I once almost fell to the river with my sister when she was driving us home - i think it was the most scary time i had on a car!

    Great lanscapes, so good you had the time to enjoy them :)

  5. gorgeous, gorgeous landscapes <3
    I can't recall a scary driving experience, but it would sure scare the hell out of me if a bird crashes into my windscreen!

  6. Every single picture is beautiful!
    An auto rickshaw(tuk tuk) did a double flip right in front of our car.That was quite scary (though i don't drive).