094 - birth days and stuff


Today is my birthday! So kisses and best wishes (and good bread) to *everyone* who passes through this little place of mine  XXX


093 - Test roll

O-AF10 001

O-AF10 003

O-AF10 004

O-AF10 005

O-AF10 006

O-AF10 007

I'm a bit mad actually. 

I bought a cheap and small camera from an ebay store that I actually trust, a lovely Olympus AF10 with flash that I planned to have always in my bag, and all the test rolls I've been trying with it were, apparently, "not exposed" (including the ones I took at Primavera Sound, which, grrrr).

The thing is that the lab I've been going for the negatives has been returning me quite a few of my rolls completely blurred and saying they were "not exposed" which, ok, if it happens once, not a problem, I might have made a mistake, but when it happens like 5 times and with different cameras... well, now something is going on. 

I wasn't sure if the problem was the camera, the rolls I've been using, me, or them... so I decided to change labs, just in case. I went today for the negatives at the new place and they didn't have a single problem. What's more, they actually did a better job, even with the packaging and the storage. Once is not a pattern, I know, but, right now I think I'll work with them and see what happens. 

*Washed Out - Don't Give Up


091 - Market Day I






Photographic cliché : a market! but, what do you expect, the colors were simply amazing. 

I think I've only been once or twice to La Boqueria, it's always so swamped by tourists that I run the other way. But it was fun to go with Marta, it was fun to look at the food, the fruit, the bright colors.. even hearing the complains when we were taking pictures, I don't think they realized we understood what they were saying. 

And I should have bought that yuca, now I want to eat it... 


090 - MNAC II




Formal portraits. Fabulous faces (the last one, btw, is a bust of Picasso). 

And plans, plans, plans... this next October (if I do it right) I might change continents for a short while. We'll see how it pans out!