These are the last pictures of Tirvia. I hope, in time, I can see it with snow, though I think it'll be a while until I go back. Last time I was there in winter my little niece was a few months old, she's a year now and I'm going away for a few months so we'll see. 

Because I have my ticket, and soon I'll be on my own, with a backpack and in a country I've never been. I hope I can write what I want to write, and learn to take the pictures I want to learn to take. Or not, maybe I'll learn new ways to do things. 

I have a roll yet to develop of the few days I've spent in Madrid two weeks ago and I'm also kind of thinking what to do with my film rolls while in such a long trip: look for local labs? send them home and ask either friends or parents to develop them? I'll take a few rolls with me but it can be an adventure to look for shops were they sell them... also, I would love to have a cute textile bag for them and a leather strap for the camera instead of the one I have, but that's my more girly side.

Enjoy your weekend, everyone!










This place is called Tirvia, and it's a really small village up in the High Pyrenees. And it's a gorgeous place when you don't have to take care of a really pissed off toddler that just misses her mom. I've never taken care of a child that small (she was 8 months when we were there) and that attached to her mother so I was only a nuisance for her. Luckily my mom knows what she is doing and managed to calm my niece. She vanished my father and I and for a while I managed to shot a few pictures. 

And if you ever get the chance to go, try to visit the Pyrenees, really, they are one of the most amazing places of Europe. 



O-AF10 010

O-AF10 011

O-AF10 012

O-AF10 013

O-AF10 014

O-AF10 015

How did I load the camera that first time? I really don't have a clue, but suddenly, the film got unstuck and started rewinding itself. Because I didn't want to waste a roll I decided to load it again and see what would come of the mistake. Nature everywhere is what I got!