While I wait for three more rolls from the lab (they are on holidays apparently) I've been organizing the rest of my pictures in my new laptop (the other died an heroic dead of exhaustion). These are a few of the ones we took with Marta, the final result of the steamed pears with strawberry sauce. 

My mind has been doing crazy loops lately. I suppose that all the time that comes with being without a job in August, when searching gets even more non-productive (even in a country like mine where the crisis is just killing and transforming society), added to contemplating the idea of realizing a gipsy dream and leaving everything behind for the road at the worst time imaginable... I'm in a strange headspace. 

I think I'm going to take a more personal gamble in here and despite all those ugly feelings sometimes the internet can give you (feelings of not measuring up to some kind of standard when it comes to constructing a voice) this is going to become a sort of journal too. 

Here's the thing, I'm an inveterate believer on private and public spaces, and as such I've never really shared a lot of myself in words, and, in a way, I'm not sure I've actually shared a lot of myself in pictures... but I wish to be a better and more comprehensive communicator and that implies a blurring of those lines. You might not like it sometimes, I might not like it sometimes, but I think I'm going to ramble. 

Oh! one more thing, by the way, I'm sorry it takes me so long to answer sometimes, the only excuse I have now is an absolute state of laziness... but I'll get back to all of you sooner or later, I love reading your comments!




06. Diagonal | 07. Skyline | 08. Selfie | 09. Taste | 10. Red | 11. Play | 12. Far Away | 13. Home | 14. Stillness | 15. Books | 16. Floral | 17. Touch | 18. Looking Down | 19. White

So, I'm not exactly up to date with the August Break challenge, but here is what I've posted in INSTAGRAM up until today. If I force myself to post the pictures here I might even finish it! Here's hoping... 


August Break 2013 (01)

01. Breakfast | 02. Circles | 03. Yellow | 04. Love | 05. Close Up

I'm absolutely terrible with rules and challenges, I get bored with them or, sometimes, I simply forget what I'm working on, so as to try something new I'm working on the August Break 2013 thingy with my phone... I have to be realistic, I know I couldn't for the life of me try it with my analogue cameras, but as I *always* have my phone camera with me, we'll see how I fare. 

Here are the first five days @ INSTAGRAM