083 - a visit to one of the botanic gardens



It's been a week of nasty and wet weather, so, mandatory pink flowers from a past beautiful day, to remind me (us) that it certainly is spring. 


082 - on a bus



Playing with windows, light and the sky. While traveling on a bus. I love the road.


081 - new begginings

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In my campaign of spending as little as possible (I haven't bought a book in something like 2 months which for me is an amazing achievement), I thought I would never find a really good second reflex film camera... but a friend actually gave me her old Canon EOS 5000. Yes, it's one of the plastic and cheaper models but let me repeat: a friend gave me a Canon EOS 5000 ❤! 

I love the EOS series. My father has a digital EOS and I completely adore it; I simply couldn't spend that much money on a camera right now so I'm so grateful for the gift. 

My dad has been cleaning it and repairing it and last weekend we went to test it at the lake in the village my parents live in. These above are a few of the pictures from the test roll, the ones I think weren't all that terrible. I need to learn how to focus with it (miopia + astigmatism, not so great when using a camera), again, but that's ok! 

The Knife - Full of Fire

April 2013
Canon EOS 5000 + Fuji Superia 200



079 - on the russian track again




I've been trying to catch the contrast of green against concrete, city plants and trees. I don't think of it as a series but it will certainly be a theme. 

ZenitB again. Complete love.


078 - make a wish




Inspired by this entry by Bea. Obviously XP. 

I'm not that much of a fan of summer, but I sure miss it after a while. This next one will be quite strange and I'm excited as well as scared because I'll quit my job in june so I can look for another, possibly in another country... which, I don't know, might be the silliest thing I've ever done.  

Summer, for me, usually starts in here, at the Primavera Sound Festival, with friends, and this year I want to take *tons* of pictures, which is why and I'm looking at other compacts to take with me other than my Blue Ribbon SuperHeadz. 

Music and open air and food and drinks and friends... it sure sounds like a slice of heaven.

James Blake - Retrograde


077 - About books

re-read 05

Re-Read is a new second hand bookstore in Barcelona. I made a few first photos of it (here) but this is my favorite of them all. I'll take more really soon because I'm quite exited about the project. 

* Also, I have a bit of a personal project for a book and I would like to know: what are your favorite films for portraits? Do you have references when taking them? Tips? thank you!