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Here's the thing, I'm mediterranean and I'm used to a certain type of light, a light that sometimes, bleaches colors and turns everything golden, so when I landed a very sunny day on Lisboa this past June… I fell completely in love with the light in Portugal. I had the impression that it made al the colors more crisp, more sharp, that you could see more hues, I don't know. 

Sara, if you read this, your country is magic, I will visit Porto at some point, I'm sure.


Australia 65

Breakfast on a van (or how I became addicted to peanut butter)

I've been posting pictures of Australia non-stop; I still have a few rolls to go, but now that I have the rolls from this summer already developed and in my hands, I'll be mixing them with a few other places that I managed to visit these past few months. I miss traveling.



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Split Point Lighthouse and Eagle Rock in the Aireys Inlet

The coast along the Great Ocean Road was, and still is, called, the shipwreck coast for quite a few good reasons, unpredicted reefs, sea stags, strong currents and strong winds (a perpetual thing in Australia, that wind) made the passage to Victoria and Melbourne quite dangerous. That's why you can also find a few lighthouses along the way. And they are gorgeous. The more famous of them all is in Cape Otway, but the fee to even enter the grounds was a bit in the steep side, so we lucked out in finding this one. There's something almost romantic in them, maybe the loneliness that it implies or the hope that it must have represented for the travelers after months at sea.