106 - KRABI

Krabi Night Market 01

Krabi Night Market 02

Krabi Night Market 03

Krabi Night Market, Thailand.

Night Markets are just about my favorite thing in Thailand, rows and rows of food stalls, I think I've never been in a proper restaurant the whole time I was in Thailand. Also, the fact that there are not this proper eating times is just about wonderful, just go when you are hungry, and everything is just so so so good. I have this friend that always talks about the wonders of the Royal Thai Cuisine, but for me, street food is just the best.

After my stay in Koh Tao I wanted to go to Krabi and see the Andaman sea and it's gorgeous islands… everything changed after the awful night ferry to Sura Thani and the terrible arrival to Krabi, where, of course, we were scammed. On top of that the weather forecast said that the storms were going to last a week or two. I decided then that I wasn't going to stay put, that I really wasn't enjoying myself, so I bought a ticket for my next stop: Malaysia. 


105 - KOH TAO

Koh Tao 01

Koh Tao 02

Koh Tao 03

Koh Tao, Thailand, 2013

In a way, I consider Koh Tao my last real stop in Thailand. When I was there the monsoon was moving down south, even so one thing is the monsoon rain in the evenings, another this constant dark clouds and bad weather that looked like it was following me. I didn't want to go partying that's why I choose Koh Tao instead of Koh Samui or Koh Phangan, where I spent my days enjoying the jungle around the cabin, bungalow, whatever you want to call it, watching huge crabs walk around, seeing magic sunsets, walking barefoot on the streets looking for food because the rain was so heavy that sandals or shoes were just silly, surprised at seeing girls with thanaka (I thought it was a Cambodian thing), enjoying the scarce sun. 



Elephant Nature Park 03

Elephant Nature Park, Thailand, 2013.

The Elephant Nature Park is such and awesome place. While in Chiang Mai, this friend I made and me wanted to see the famous asian elephants, but riding them and all that seemed, I don't know… unfair in ways that I can't describe. I don't need to do it. That's how we found this organization. It's more expensive than other places and excursions, but we figured that at least we know that the money we spent was going to a worthwhile endeavor. The say they don't work, don't have to carry stuff or people, it can be argued that they work in a sense, doing PR for funding, which might be true, but thinking about the fact that a lot of these elephants have been rescued, and most of them have some sort of physical problem… what would have been their future otherwise? They've formed new families and new bonds, they have babies stumbling around, they have people caring for them, they can walk around in herds again, not asking for money in the streets. While not being able to be free in the jungle, they can, at least have a similar environment… also, seeing elephants in person? humbled enough that it felt almost scary.