106 - KRABI

Krabi Night Market 01

Krabi Night Market 02

Krabi Night Market 03

Krabi Night Market, Thailand.

Night Markets are just about my favorite thing in Thailand, rows and rows of food stalls, I think I've never been in a proper restaurant the whole time I was in Thailand. Also, the fact that there are not this proper eating times is just about wonderful, just go when you are hungry, and everything is just so so so good. I have this friend that always talks about the wonders of the Royal Thai Cuisine, but for me, street food is just the best.

After my stay in Koh Tao I wanted to go to Krabi and see the Andaman sea and it's gorgeous islands… everything changed after the awful night ferry to Sura Thani and the terrible arrival to Krabi, where, of course, we were scammed. On top of that the weather forecast said that the storms were going to last a week or two. I decided then that I wasn't going to stay put, that I really wasn't enjoying myself, so I bought a ticket for my next stop: Malaysia. 

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  1. Before I read your words I wondered how these photographs could be depicting Krabi! It's just too bad about the storm and the scamming (we were nearly scammed in Bangkok ourselves, the exact same kind I read about online before we went), looking forward to your photographs of Malaysia though!

  2. It had to happen eventually, the scamming I mean, but it really pissed me off because I was seen as a cash machine only… hahaha, yeah it can be any night market in the whole of thailand, maybe even malaysia as there was a lot of women with headscarves :)