058 - Booklets

And this is the second part of what was my christmas gift.

It's the first time I design, plan, print and sew a fanzine. And it's been *very* slow going because everything that could go wrong, has gone wrong. A few times. Even so, I *loved* the process. 

I made two different little booklets of 8 pages each, with 120 gr. paper and a cover of soft blue paper of 80 gr. The inside cover is screen printed and I used two different colors for the print (green and blue), one for the fanzine of the pictures from Reykjavík and the other for the countryside. 

I made 20 and 20 of each and while I would have liked photographic print, I had a limited budget, so I did end working with a laser printer. 

By the way, I've have a few left, so if you want a pair send me an email at tanit.taltavull@gmail.com with your adress and I'll be more than happy to send them to you (be advised, though, that most of the text, even if there's not much of it, is in spanish). 

8 comentarios:

  1. what a brilliant work you've done! I love the fact that you've thought it through and designed it entirely by yourself - they must be very precious those booklets!

    1. woa, thank you! ♥ I don't know if they are precious but they are very dear...

  2. what a wonderful idea. they turned out great

  3. llego tarde? porque quiero una copia! mañana te escribo un e-mail sosegado.