057 - Iceland Posters

So, I'm terrible at making decent photoshots, but we'll try XD...

These are the first batch of posters I made at my screen printing class (about which I've been really nagging everyone I know, sorry), they are not quite as I want them because I was just trying out which colors I wanted to use... and because they are the first I make and they are a bit messy. 

I'll make a second run that, if I can, I'll put on sale, with a more grey-golden-soft blue color palete next time, before erasing the screen, and see what comes of it.  

I pixelated one of my pictures from Iceland (you can see the original here) and I tried (and tried a few times) to have a good screen to print, some of the info has been erased but I managed to have it as similar as I could... I didn't know it could be so difficult but I enjoyed the process a lot. A lot, enough to enroll again this next year. 

* The absolute best thing for me is that it's given me an outlet for a lot of ideas and plans, I hope I can explore them this next year. 

6 comentarios:

  1. I really like them!
    good job!
    and I can't wait to see more of your experimentations with screen printing! ;-)

    1. I'm quite excited with the process so I'll keep taking pictures of it!

      Thank you!!