EXTRA: Mini-shop at Society 6

Inspired by Rhianne and Katie I decided to open a shop at Society 6. I've wanted for a long time to print and sell a few of my pictures, but I don't have the time or the means to manage it. There's not a whole lot of photos up (my updating is slow, I know), and most of them are from Iceland (I love my Zenit) at the moment ... because I *really* wanted to share those. 

Take a look!

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  1. I'm updating really slowly, too! :D Your shop looks amazing.

  2. interesting: I didn't know about Society 6 before. how does it work? do they take care of the printing and shipping? it sounds like a very convenient way to sell your prints! nice!
    I like your shop, the pictures you've taken in Iceland are beautiful! it doesn't matter that there's just a few of them for now - I actually think it's better to upload just the images you like at the moment, instead of putting up a bunch of them that you're not too sure about. Quality vs quantity, if you know what I mean! ;-)

    1. Rhiane explains is it better than I would here: http://fortheeasilydistracted.com/2013/03/im-on-society-6.html. But, basically, yes, they take care of the printing and the shipping, which amounts something like 12 odd dolars, and because you decide the final price, you also decide your margin (mine is not much, but I don't want for the prints to be expensive).

      I think so too! I want to have an small selection, and to choose really carefully what I upload XD

  3. bautiful work! i'm going to browse through :)