075 - A Pottery Workshop



A month ago, more or less, after having one of those colds that leave you completely dead at home for more than a week, I spent a saturday at a pottery workshop. I was really fuzzy and didn't control much of the camera settings so most of the pictures I took are too dark, but I quite like these.

More importantly, I enjoyed it so much. It was so so fun and it felt wonderful to *make* something with my hands and learn a few more things about pottery than those ashtrays we all made as kids; to top it all the people were wonderful and the place just lovely. 

If you live in Barcelona and you want to learn a bit of pottery, check it out, really, Mily and Lola are really welcoming (even if you break things, but *don't* do it, just in case, it just sucks to realize it's your fault) and so engaging that you'll certainly enjoy yourself.

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  1. I really like these photographs too: the warm tones are wonderful and make me somehow feel the atmosphere of the pottery workshop, even though I wasn't there!