049 - Banyoles V






These are the last pictures I took in my parents little town this past summer. The first two are from the gardens of a really beautiful private school. The last three I took following one of the irrigation canals, narrow and difficult to walk and with a few old washing sinks. There were only kids with skates and wild cats. And me and my parents. It was great.

It's strange to see all this sunny pictures and think about how I simply couldn't breathe due the heat, when it's so cold now and every time I go outside I to feel the cold air in my face. 

Burned, of course.

PS: By the way, there might be a few changes in here, nothing really serious, but life is slowly shaping into something else. 

2 comentarios:

  1. loving them - I agree, it feels strange to look at them right now, when outside is snowy and freezing cold. it gives a sense of nostalgia, doesn't it?

    1. Well, not much snow in here for me... but after seeing your pictures, certainly for you ;D. But there's nostalgia to it, yeas...