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Surfer's Paradise, Australia, 2014.

I'll tell you a secret that it's not really a secret: I am fascinated by Australia. I've been there before, years and years ago. I was lucky enough to get an scholarship to study english, for a month, in any english -speaking country of my choosing and, instead of going to London, where all the people that got that grant was going, I saved a bit of money of my own and paid for the rest of the trip myself. I spent a month in Cairns, Queensland, kind of not exactly believing I was there, I loved it so much. It was my first trip on my own. I decided that at some point I was going to go back. 

When I was in Malaysia, and deciding where I wanted to go next, I decided to apply for the VISA to Australia, just in case. Who I was kidding with the "just in case"? I knew I would end up there. So I landed the first of January in Coolangatta, where a friend was nice enough to shelter me for a few days while I decided where to go next. 

3 comentarios:

  1. Now, i want to surf there, though i have not even touched a surf board,ever. :D

    1. the current is crazy strong there! but it certainly feels like you should do it…