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Bali, 2013

Oh, Bali, I am quite sorry not having the opportunity of seeing more of you, but, well, you also gave me the famous Bali Belly… not nice. Funny thing, for almost two months I had been eating from food stalls, thai soups and curries, spicy indian tandooris and chinese nyonya food without a problem and the first sort of touristy place I find myself eating at gives me the worst food poisoning I've ever had in my life. So, I took it easy, instead of excursions and the like I decided to spend the time at the beach, reading and sunbathing with tons of sunblock (now that I'm back here I discovered that even with all that sunblock I have a few more freckles because of the sun… something that it's never happened before). It was sort of a competition though, to see who of us in the hostel with fall sick, so that made it more funny. 

I also was sort-of adopted by the loveliest german couple and their balinese friends and they invited me to an amazing christmas dinner… I thought I would get homesick, not spending christmas with the family but with the lovely people I met and the Skype call, everything was alright. 

7 comentarios:

  1. A Christmas dinner with new found family - that sounds like the sweetest thing ever. :) :) :) So sorry you had the Bali Belly... it didn't even cross our minds, the potential of it!

    1. it was! I felt so blessed that night. Also, I didn't even know about the Bali Belly until someone told me when I was feeling like dying :) I thought it was so funny!

  2. the story of your alternative christmas is that kind of story that makes me more willing to travel :)
    i'm sorry you've been sick and had to give up some excursions, the seaside pictures look nice though! i love the one with the feet.

    1. you find amazing people while traveling… I didn't expect that, but it what makes traveling such an interesting thing ;) thank you, being sick sucks, but, it slowed me down and I enjoyed myself at the beach, which I never do, so everything was alright!

  3. Am I the only one that can see Peter Pan's ship in the first photo? #Magic

    1. there is and it's actually the reason why I took the picture in the first place :) thank you!