So, the other day someone made me think that it looks like I'm still in Bali, which, well, not exactly. I am a bit more down south... learning a lot about myself, seeing amazing places, getting bored, drinking a bit too much wine, not showering in a few days, reading a lot, writing more than I thought but less than I want, watching tennis, seeing gorgeous people, watching weirdos dancing in the streets high as kites, getting my heart a bit broken, knowing amazing friends. 

And making one of my dreams come true: I'm in the middle of a road trip, the easy part already done, but tomorrow, a month after landing here, I'll be even more down under because I highly doubt the desert has internet reception (and if it has I'll feel a bit cheated). 

I have my camera and more film rolls (cheap ones because everything turns to be quite expensive in here) so I hope all of them, and me, survive the next stretch. 

See you on the flip side!

3 comentarios:

  1. i got your letter ♥ thank you!
    seems like you're having the best time in australia. good luck with the next (thrilling!) part of your journey.

  2. This really sounds like an incredible trip! I envy your courage! Can't wait to see what will turn out of those "cheap rolls"!

  3. Australian desert?
    you are a brave brave girl :)