I wasn't really expecting Malaysia, I mean, I really wasn't really expecting the reality of Malaysia and Kuala Lumpur as such, I thought it was one thing and the impressions I keep having are totally different. I might make this ideas that might be glossy-paper-magazine about a place and what I find always surprises me.  The three cultures and how they mix and how they don't is really interesting to see. And, it might be a bit soon to say so, but I think I might be a bit in love with it. I suppose it also helps that I met this crazy bunch of travelers that, more or less, really *get* what I'm doing, because they are also doing the same thing. 

The city is more "user friendly" than Bangkok in the sense that there's more public transportation, and there's also less people trying to make you take a cab or sell you something. And the indian food is *amazing*. 

I had time to visit like a proper tourist, climb to the Batu Caves, see the Petronas (which thanks to the girl I was with I now keep calling the "expecto patronum"), go to the Butterfly Park, visit the Museum of Islam Arts, and all either walking or just taking public transport, and, more often than not, we were the only foreigners. Well, I don't believe we were the only ones, and we could have never blended in, but it was awesome to be part of a daily life thing. 

The hostel I was at was absolutely fantastic by the way. Not the cheapest one, but friendly and so so beautiful, that it really felt like the name, Back Home. It also gave the opportunity to taste peanut butter and to realize why americans love it so much: tea, toast with peanut butter and fruit first thing in the morning became one of my guilty pleasures. 


When I was in Bangkok I met this guy who said that I was dressing as a tomboy, he said he wasn't judging me, but it actually felt like he was. It felt like it was important to him the fact that I wasn't in a dress at that moment, like the other girls around me. I have dresses, I love dresses actually but at that moment I felt I want to be even more of a tomboy, I'm starting to realize that what people want to pin me as is something I don't care much at all. 

But thinking is inevitable, even when I have friends in the hostel or the guesthouse I'm in. My mind is kind of inventing itself again, re-writting a new narrative about the things I learn about myself. 

I want to create, invade, re-estructure, this kind of bubble universe that my mind is actually constructing, but I also want to get out, to collaborate with someone, to design something, a magazine, a book, a blog, to construct something based on communication. 

What is communication to you? What kind of creative ways of communication can you find? 

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  1. Yet another incredible place - so crowded and colourful!
    I absolutely love the second to last monochrome photograph of the two high buildings - beautiful!
    P.S. When I travel I always wear comfortable clothes. When I hike I wear hiking boots and heavy knitted stuff to keep warm - I find it really annoying when people dress to show off rather than for comfort.

    1. It's been on of my favorite places to see so far. I'm enjoying my time in Malaysia so much. I would reccomend it *before* Thailand, for sure.

      Me too! it feels so silly, because what's tomboyish about a t-shirt and jeans? I still don't get it...