SEATED (Introduction)



It all started more or less because of him. Funny story actually, when we met, we couldn't stand each other, he thought I was dry and humorless, I thought he was rude. But, as the saying goes, "shit happens", time happens and since then we've shared an apartment and have become like brother and sister. The things I tell him, I don't tell anyone else, and he's painfully honest with me too. Mainly we talk about sex, because we like to laugh about sex. Oh, and food, because food is, in the end, what this is all about. 

You see, as a teenager I hated eating, not the act in itself, I hated eating when I was on my own. I skipped meals on High School because I was the only one back home (my brothers and parents had a different schedule and I could go back home to eat when I didn't have evening class). My mum noticed and started to let me easy to fix meals on the fridge and to call me to make sure I was eating. I lied a few times, but not a lot and, slowly, I got over that phase. Except that I still didn't really enjoy it. 

But, again, time happens (and I've become more aware of internalized ideas of beauty, social expectations and body image), and as I get older food has become one of my favorite things in this world. It's been a slow process for sure, but I love eating now, what's more, maybe because of those years, eating with people is now one of the things I enjoy more than anything else. 

When I got my ZenitB a few years ago I started taking it with me everywhere and a lot of those times, Pierre was with me, so he became the impromptu model of my new obsession. Slowly, I decided that instead of taking pictures of the food I was going to take pictures of the people I was enjoying that food with. And this is how this silly idea started. 

I have an small collection of the people I've been eating with this pasts months, some are friends, some passing acquaintances, but with all of them I shared a few important moments, because eating is important, and enjoying it, even more so. And thanks to them, to these people that I encounter, I enjoyed that moment. 

The punch line is that while I have tons of pictures of him, the one I had of his face, is lost somewhere, so I'll need to take another one. 

So here is my starting point in SEATED.

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  1. I can't wait for more photos :)

  2. it is a wonderful idea,Nit :)
    i also love to have meals with people i care about and it is funny that when i think of my break up i think that it was such a disappointment for me that he never understood why i loved to eat with him and share our meals...
    around the table time is precious,human,vulnerable time!
    loved this story and i am looking forward to more of this series :)

  3. I think I'll seat and wait with much excitement :)