Chiang Mai 01

Chiang Mai 02

Chiang Mai 03

Chiang Mai 04

Chiang Mai 05

Chiang May, Thailand

Chiang Mai is this really cool place where you can actually eat so so so well. The curry from northern Thailand is almost a thing of beauty. When I got there my roommate was kind enough to offer me a ride to the night market where along with seeing gorgeous lady boys and buying tons of clothes you could eat, and that's what I did, I gorged myself on some curry that night… I slept wonderfully and was so happy next day, that I got distracted on the way to meeting a friend and I got lost. And, of course, I got my first sunburn. I was so sweaty and late and burned that when I found a songteow I convinced the driver to let me ride on the cabin with him because he had AC. 

4 comentarios:

  1. These look so wonderfully exotic to me!

    1. there's tons of temples in Chiang Mai and all of them gorgeous :)

  2. The colour and all the little details on the statues are incredible. You must have so many stories to tell now :)

    1. sometimes I think I have so many of stories that I don't know were to start ;)