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What are this rules we do insist in living by? Why do we insist in forgetting nature and its ways and insist on always being right? On constructing all those shades of gray? I haven't seen anything gray in nature. 

Lately, I've been thinking a lot about tropical climates, I'm a bit obsessed with visiting, sooner or later, the pacific islands and seeing hundreds of thousands of greens and blues and reds and yellows. I've even made a list of my future goals and one of them was, of course, going to Hawaii. 

It's funny, my parents actually noticed before me... when they came back from the Canary Islands this spring they said that it was the kind of place that I would absolutely adore, and it's so true, after seeing their pictures I just fell in love. Since then I've realized that I'm drown to extreme places and geo-hotspots when it comes to nature. My favorite trips so far have been to Australia (Queensland) and Iceland. I've also would love to go to the Faroe Islands, the Orkney Islands and the Shetland Islands. 

I might be a bit nuts or it might be the contrast with the constant lushness that it's the countryside in here. Don't get me wrong, I love it, the pines, the white rocks, the blue sea, there's a kind of constant gentleness that it's gorgeous. But I'm curious about places where everything is more "exaggerated" if you will, either cold or hot. 

How it is where do you live? Do you like more extreme climates? 

(Does anybody have a job for me in Hawaii, I'm trilingual, I can study a fourth no problem XD)

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  1. Portugal is one of the countries with more hours of natural light in the all world,witch i appreciate very much, but i would love to go to distant lands where i could experience different landscapes.
    I was in Ibiza some years ago and i think i could live there.
    The water is so so blue it hurts the eyes and so salty nobody drowns!

    1. ooooh, Portugal is one of those places in here that everybody loves, all my friends have been and fallen in love, either in Lisbon or Porto... except me, which deeply shames me :(

    2. there is still a lot of time :) come!

  2. So true, why do we insist on constructing all those shades of gray? Recently there has been so much tearing and building going on in my city it made me feel an immense sadness looking at the gray holes popping up everywhere.

    1. Yes, what do we insist in using the bleakest way to live and build? We are so absurd...