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Western Australia (February 2014)

I am: drinking a lot of coffee and tea; reading a lot of books; freezing because the window at my room does not close properly and I feel like in a Dickens novel; enjoying the new BBC show 'Wolf Hall'; lonely; motivated; sad; joyous; with capsulitis in one of my fingers because I tried to save a plant pot; not having a clue what will happen tomorrow or next week… 

I've come to realize that roads have a lot of forms and shapes, while some seem to be marked on the earth and you just have to follow the white lines, others are not signaled anywhere except in your mind and in both you can get lost or take a wrong turn. London is slowly becoming a new road trip for me, emotional, personal, professional… the thing is, though, that scary and hard as it is, it's better that the parking lot of "not trying". 

Enjoy February!!




I’ve been having a few strange days, days where I miss the sunny side of the place I used to call home. And I keep wondering why I’m not there on a sunday like these, on a park, just laying around with some friends because it’s sunny and waiting for lunch.